M$ never had to fight for it's position until recently

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Dec 02, 2005
2:56 AM EDT
Apart from a minor skirmish at the outset with Digital Research, where M$ won hands down, they have never had to do any more than stoke their own little fire while waiting for the PC market to get up to size which was always destined to happen after the clone flood of the eighties. The only real threat M$ has faced so far is Linux and that is purely because Linux is not fighting on traditional commercial terms where it would have been forced into bankruptcy or bought out like most everything else before hand. Even IBM took a one-two punch and has, I suspect, having got back on it's feet, learned a thing or two.

The battle is raging for equipment makers - particularly chipsets, and law makers - particularly IP law.


Dec 02, 2005
3:29 AM EDT
particularly IP law.....

Traditional thinking would steer us into believing that the Sony/BMG mess makes the industry step back concerning DRM, but we are Linux/open source and traditional thinking will get us killed. The rootkit insertion was brazen and unless we continue to make this information known outside the Linux world, THEY are destined to continue unabashed.

Thanks to an active community and a rightful sense of indignation, The MSM had no choice but to run this. It's up to us to make sure the issue doesn't disappear from public view.

Dec 02, 2005
6:24 AM EDT
Forgive me if I am wrong, but didn't a private individual discover the Sony Rootkit?

If I am right, then an entire industry colluded to keep an implementation of corporate spy-ware a secret. an ENTIRE INDUSTRY!!

Sony is not the only one to blame here, what about the anti-virus companies? Why did none of their software pick it up?

How could Microsoft have come up with a fix so fast unless they had prior knowledge?

Thank God I do not buy much new music, if any at all. Music has done what Movies have done in the last twenty years, continually gotten worse, which saves me money:-)

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