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Dec 09, 2005
3:20 AM EDT
Announcement: Spread of Democracy by Another Coalition of the Willing

[President Bush:]

We are here today to announce another step in the spread of Democracy to one more place in the world where the population has been horribly suppressed. We cannot and will not look away when another country treats its population so foully with a known spread of virus strains to its flocks that at any moment will jump to the rest of the human population. This is a clear and present danger to the entire population of the world and to the United States in particular. We cannot wait until that first infected parasite lands on our shores and causes Terror, Mayhem and General Depression of Our Economy. We cannot wait for the U.N. or the E.U. to see only afterward when these Terrorists do their dirty deeds as evil doers do.

So I am telling you today: we cannot wait, the intelligence has been fixed. We will not even wait for the nitwits in Congress to act - it is too important to even bother this time to consult with that bunch of pork barreling, boozing, women chasing druggies. So I assigned them the simple task of finding more tax cuts so that we can export more jobs to expanding economies that will make this country even stronger in the future. That and a bit of cash for our Patriotic supporters of the troops while they stay home and safe.

Let there be no mistake on this, you are with me or with the Terrorists! As we and North Korea go to liberate their suppressed and starving for freedom population in the South. This time there will only be a bit larger number of American contractors assisting the blitz from the North, backed by their nuclear arsenal we will free the South quickly. Victory is nearly in our hands.

[Noise, Mayhem, Shouts, Crashing Sounds and Groaning ... ]

Hey Dick what's going on down there?


Nothing much, you know that Boomer guy, can't get his jacket on straight. So the feller is throwing chairs in exultation of your great speech, he just forgetting to let some of the people get off first. Nasty collateral damage, damn ...

Brought to you by our various corporate financial sponsors that have deep pockets and interests in Freedom and in particular software Innovation. Thank yo'all.

recorded live by txt for

Dec 09, 2005
5:33 AM EDT
You forgot that he would be joined at the podium by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill,etc, in recognition of the fact that Bill Gates is a Democrat and a Democratic contributor.

Dec 09, 2005
7:07 AM EDT
[To be read hearing a spiffy English upper class accent] My Dear dinotrac, if I might remind you of a small detail, whatever pittance is thrown at those groveling demo-gaudes, both their votes and stances have no impact. Remember, who really controls the White House (your nasty executive branch), who controls the Senate (by a comfortable margin) and who controls the House (of very common nasties) - they barely take votes. In the latter, they do not even exhibit the text of the laws being past until its passage is complete. {I guess that's where the Iraqi election model originated - no probably Florida. Don't know who you voted for until the voting machine company decides.} Now tell me again why you think Bill would/should appear. By the way do you mean William Henry Gates III or William Jefferson Clinton? If it's the latter he has long been out of office. [high class accent off]

Warning: Don't get all worked up by this guy "txt", he is a known to be unreliable, unpatriotic, girlieman that spells badly. I bet the whole thing never happened. What are you getting yourself all worked up about?

In any case, it was Bush's Ministry of .... no Department of Justice that came to Microsoft's defense when one would have expected to have some rice thrown at it instead.

Your true, everlasting buddy: TxtEdMacs

Dec 09, 2005
8:35 AM EDT
My dear, misguided txt:

I include Bill because I have yet to hear that the Bill 'n Hill 2 for the price of 1 deal has ever been rescinded.

I agree with you that the degree of Republican control of the assorted branches of government is both remarkable and frightening.

That's what happens when you have no credible opposition party. Maybe one will emerge.

Dec 09, 2005
10:54 AM EDT
You guys don't get it and never will. No real distinction exists between republicans and Democrats except among the populace. They are all the same critter: Politicans. You can also refer to them as sociopaths gone public.

They invented parties to keep us from figuring them out. They just love it when people argue amongst themselves and while we're not watching, they steal us blind.

Heaven forbid if we stopped arguing amongst ourselves and worked together (actively) to put an end to Microsoft. That's a non-partisan goal eh.


Dec 09, 2005
11:38 AM EDT
Some of us do get it tadelste. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what that realization gets us.

Dec 09, 2005
12:53 PM EDT

I think your point was related to my point, but I think your view of politics is too narrow -- almost to the point of naively cynical -- and ignores a major source of power and influence.

The Democrats do not constitute credible opposition because they are being politicians instead of politicians.

Huh????? You may say...

There are two faces to politics (There's a surprise, given two-faced politicians)...

There's the back-room face and there's the front-room face.

The back-room face is for lobbyists, large contributors, etc. The front-room face is for voters. Constituents in need straddle the two faces depending on the nature of the constituent (sympathetic figure, able to generate press, money, etc).

Politicians slobber over the back-room crowd, but can't get anywhere without the front-room folks. In a rather famous example of this phenomenon, think Chicago under Hizzoner, the first Mayor Daley. Rumor has it his administration might have come across just the tiniest wee bit of corruption. At the very least, influence-peddling, favors, nepotism, etc.

But... the garbage got picked up, the trains and buses ran on time, and the snow got cleared from the streets. Daley understood that those things mattered to the city's voters whereas back room deals were accepted as the way politics got done. and leverage could buy you just about anything you might want UNLESS you wanted to do something that meant the garbage didn't get picked up, the buses didn't run, or snow didn't get cleared from the streets. After all, a politician has no power whatsoever if he or she loses the election.

That's where the Dems are screwing the pooch. They are so mired in the back-room, they've forgotten that the front-room really does matter. Unless they do something that makes voters want to vote for them, they are stuck with waiting until people are so disgusted with the Republicans that they'll vote for anybody else. That last is always a risky play, and doesn't set you up for long-term success.

By the way, Tom...who do you think gets more goodies and attention from power-brokers and contributors - the guys with their hands on the levers of power, or the guys standing in the wings?

Play the back-room all you want, but you can't do squat if you can't get the office.

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