OS/2 memories

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Dec 14, 2005
12:35 PM EDT
Anyone else remember how OS/2 got started? I remember my wife bringing home a box of ten or so VHS tapes discussing a soon-to-be released multitasking operating system named 'OS/2,' and jointly developed by IBM and Microsoft. Then, a year or two later, around the time of the Win-3 explosion, MS jilted IBM at the altar.

Dec 14, 2005
12:38 PM EDT
They ended their joint venture with the "Division" but maintained their relationship with the PC Company. The PC Company treated the mother ship as if it didn't exist. They sold Windows and refused to sell OS/2. Major miscoordination inside management.

Also, we tend to think of IBM as a monolithic company. It's not. It's many companies headed off in different directions.

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