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Jan 04, 2006
4:16 PM EDT
Speaking from experience, running your own server is certainly one of the best ways to learn.

It might be cheaper to lease a server then pay for a high speed home connection. I'm thinking about speed in the upload direction. I tried running a family photo album on my home machine but it was way too slow when accessed over the net. I found a cheap server for around $70 a month and the speed increased dramatically.

then I added a couple of friends who needed websites and so that gave me a chance to run my own DNS, Apache, and Mail servers. Every time they ask for something new, I consider that real world experience.

I'm not making much if any money from this increase in my skill set, but I think it shows as a general overall knowledge in computers and I like to think it has helped me keep my job.

There's been more fun stuff. A friend who I tried to talk into using linux didn't want to when he lived in the same town as me. Then he moved to New Zealand and asked me to help him set up Linux.

I had him boot off a Knoppix cd and start ssh. He gave me the IP address and password and I was in. I formatted his drive and installed Debian. I thought that was pretty cool to do from my home in L.A.

I continue to administer his box as an educational experience. :-)

- greg strockbine

Jan 04, 2006
4:41 PM EDT
Greg, what a great comment. Thanks!

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