Do you think we'll get slash dotted?

Story: Does the DoJ Use Microsoft as a Shill Against Linux?Total Replies: 3
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Jan 10, 2006
12:48 PM EDT
I don't think this article will see wide spread circulation on, Newsforge, Slashdot, any Jupiter Media sites or other Linux sites where Microsoft is paying for a "Get the Facts" ad. What do you think?

Jan 10, 2006
1:07 PM EDT

If you have a few billions to spare they will. The sites and few more are hopeless to expect anything decent from them. It is a shame. But that isn't going to stop us, is it!

Jan 10, 2006
1:11 PM EDT
No. It's not.

Jan 10, 2006
3:37 PM EDT
You can try submitting it yourself. Though it's not exactly news so much as conspiracy theory. The DoJ's behavior could be entirely attributed to corruption. Try sending your article to PJ at Groklaw, to see what she thinks.

Get the Facts ads are a good source of revenue for news sites. Microsoft spends a fortune on them and people click them just because they find them offensive. And if a site keeps posting anti-Microsoft stuff, Microsoft may very well respond with more ads, if we're lucky. Everyone wins.

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