Reformat and reinstall: goodbye all non-MS stuff

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Jan 11, 2006
12:11 AM EDT
Aside from the question of who will actually enforce the anti-trust laws, the condemning behavior seems clear cut and unabated.

One thing that seems to be constantly overlooked is the mantra of "reformat and reinstall". It's become such an integral part of any Windows user's computing experience that is taken for granted. However, this affects millions of users. It also affects millions of users of non-MS software, who through attrition become ex-non-MS customers. Because everything is erased, but only the MS stuff can be reinstalled automatically, and even that at a cost of considerable time and difficulty, the result is the non-MS stuff doesn't get re-installed. And when it doesn't get re-installed, it doesn't get used, or more importantly re-purchased during the next round on the Wintel treadmill.

Sure in *many* cases everything gets put back, but since we're talking a population of large numbers here, it's the bell curve that counts and every little help or hinderance will push the peak of that curve to one side or the other. And that means millions lost or millions gained for competitors. For some already on the edge, it will tip them over beyond the point of no return.

Get a population studies researcher or epidemiologist to look at the problem.

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