Still relying on government. *sigh* *rolls eyes*

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Jan 12, 2006
3:32 AM EDT
There's a few holes in your argument.

1. I've recently gotten into an argument with a guy(which started out as an agreement and a bunch of laughs oddly enough) where he's absolutely convinced that microsoft is monopolistic specifically when they bundle. After pointing out that I'm a full time linux user, and that most/all linux distros bundle(as does mac) and that this activity is not only normal for software companies, it's normal activity in pretty much any business it quickly changed. You don't keep all your eggs in one basket.(yes, I know this is not the aim of your article, but it relates)

2. "Have you ever chronicled the US Government's efforts to litigate Microsoft?"

Have you ever chronicled *our* efforts to litigate Microsoft? Ok, so clearly litigate is the wrong word on behalf of what we are doing. But until the past few years, we........ users....... haven't had the proper weapon in which to fight back with microsoft. If microsoft weren't sweating so much over linux, I wouldn't(more importantly couldn't) have such a big mouth on all of this.

3. "Failed Decree"

Uhhh, not surprised. See the title. It's government, this is to be expected. That's why it's up to us as users.

4 "Bill Gates Visits China"

Hmmm, that's interesting.

He most likely bought them off. But so what. Here's what we do know. Look at the marketshare numbers. It really didn't need an official statement, it was already so. And let's all be honest here. I won't use anything but linux but I have no problem admitting that by/large windows has the most features. From a business standpoint, choosing windows does make a certain amount of sense.

There's just one flaw with this portion. The chicoms were contributing to dems before this timeframe. They were finding "interesting" ways to give money to the clinton administration.

5 "Anti-Trust Trial"

*yawn* We can win this ourselves, but not as long as people *cough*likeyou*cough* keep saying we should rely on others to get things done for us.

Mindshare is the most important part to gaining marketshare. People won't use what they don't know exists. And knoppix disks helps too.

6. "Enter the Republicans"

hehehehe.......................... This has been a bi-partisan failure and you know it.

7. "Microsoft Attacks Free Software"

This is my favorite one. "Microsoft Attacks Free Software" REALLY?!?!?!?! I'd have *NEVER* thought Microsoft would do that. I've never ever seen any competing technologies attack each other, businesses simply do not do this. They never ever speak down about the other while speaking up of/about their own. It's just impractical, unrealistic, and unprecedented.

8. "Where's the Anti-Trust Cops When You Need Them"

Where are the people who effectively know how to use the gift they've been given?

If you want to beat microsoft, creating conspiracy theories isn't gonna do it. This is hard work, and creating conspiracies is more harmful than helpful. This is what puts the capital letters in the word "zealot".

Jan 12, 2006
5:12 AM EDT
Beautifully said, Half. It's astounding to me how people still cling to the idea that someone else will "save" them.

Maybe too many bedtime stories with Fairy Godmothers in them during their formative years.

Being an anarcho-capitalist myself, my reaction to any government intervention is to look for how it ruins things.

Jan 12, 2006
5:36 AM EDT
halfmnhlfamazng - by any chance do you do any work on the side for "Get The Facts"?

If you are going to be that critical, at least get the points you are attempting to make creditable.

Let's just take one: #6, anyone that has been reading Tom's articles knows of his experiences when indeed the corruption was a shared effort. While currently many on the Democratic party side would gladly participate in the bounty the recent effort is tied very tightly to one side, because indeed in part due to the timorous behaviour of the latter we effectively are in a one party state. Tom from past experience actually sides with you so he would not have cited the Republicans solely.

Now tell me why for MS the statutes do not apply: they worked for Standard Oil and more recently both AT&T and IBM, now in the wisdom you hold this is no longer needed at all. Let the people do it, fine but where are they to learn and organize? The main line media is intent on profits nearly at the exclusion of all other considerations. Changes in the licensing of the air waves imposes little or no responsibility to inform the public, hardcopy publications are much more attuned to advertising funding than being a source of truthful information. The public is continually diverted by offers of new toys and image raising do dahs than any other concern. So that is a dead end.

Oh I know, you think the Internet is going to save us all, right? Now is it before or after it has been turned over to some of the most regressive type corporate mentalities: the phone companies to make the internet safe for commerce? I know the facts count for little and it out-of-date images, e.g the Liberal New York Times. Even reading the content fails to dissuade many that this is not your father's or grand father's NYT. Sure they publish what they knew of administration malfeasance, but years too late. The King has been crowned and there is no need to follow the Constitution.

So, let's cut the chase: why are you saying that laws are to be ignored and it's perfectly fine with you?

Why are you offering only group action that will be extremely difficult to impossible to organize?

Let me guess: like Microsoft's superior security compared to either Linux/Unix/Mac you like the market as it exists? Oh, and if I have misjudged you, pray tell what actions have you taken to stop the abuse of monopoly power exerted by MS? Anything, beside attacking those that are trying to awaken at least a small fraction of the public? I am all ears ...

Jan 12, 2006
6:11 AM EDT
halfmnhlfamazng: to sum up your comments - they bottom out with "don't warn anyone about anything and those that do are screwed up. So, you're saying shut up".

You also twisted my words into some sort of rant that says abandon one's one responsibility in the matter. That's ridiculous. I never say abandon your responsibility and wait for someone else to do it for you. I won't comment on your disparaging attitude, anyone can see what you're doing. It's lame.

Bob then pipes in with a similar theme.

The US taxpayer, which includes me, has an expectation of fairness in government. If you and I don't have a expetation of fairness, then we should start over. The abdication of responsibility lies with people more intent on promoting their careers than honoring their oaths. I think people should know that.

If I was waiting for the Government to do it for me, then I'd do something else. I have a pretty fair track record in business, finance, management and technology. Trust me, it's easy to go for the gold, especially when you have the proven skills. So, I'm not doing this for money and I'm not doing it for fame. I already achieved fame once and it only took two years of hiding out in another country for it to disappear completely. You don't even know who I am and that's fine with me.

I do expect my work to prod people into recognizing the issues, take up a grass roots effort, become indignate and fight for the rights for which we pay. Some of have paid in dollars, some in lost dollars, homes, jobs, families.

In other countries, people pay with poverty, oppression, enforced ignorance and atrocities. They pay every day so that some day they can have a system of government where officials take an oath to represent them and organize a government to serve them.

So you could do something else besides criticise and ridicule. You've demonstrated nothing of value except that you can tell people what you think. 6 billion people on this planet think. So what.


Jan 12, 2006
10:53 AM EDT
"The US taxpayer, which includes me, has an expectation of fairness in government."

The resultant belly laugh nearly woke up the neighbors napping baby. Thank you, that's the best exercise I've had all day.

Government is intrinsically unfair, beginning with the fact that government officials cannot know everything that the individuals they rule know. Their laws and regulations punish some and coddle others arbitrarily, at best, and with collusion and corruption at worst.

"6 billion people on this planet think."

Exactly. That is why government efforts are always less efficient than private endeavors. Without the arbitrary monopoly grants of patent and copyright, what benefit could all the blustering and bullying of Standard Oil, IBM and Microsoft have come to? Nothing, because as private efforts they cannot force anyone to buy their product. Or just look at the example of ITT. Remember ITT? They and Exxon were supposed to take over the world. Oh well.

Jan 12, 2006
11:04 AM EDT
I'm laughing too.


Jan 13, 2006
4:55 PM EDT
I'm laughing too.

Your post certainly didn't "sound" like you are joking.

Jan 14, 2006
8:03 AM EDT
I wasn't joking, Bob. I laughed at someone who writes about his main exercise of the day and whose primary technique of criticism relies solely on condescension. Just consider it gallows laughter on my part.

Jan 14, 2006
3:40 PM EDT
Ok, makes sense. Forgive me, please, I was trying to find sarcasm or something like that. I was also concerned that you might have been laughing at what I wrote, and I couldn't tell what at what you were laughing.


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