Jay Michaelson and Wasabi Systems shouldn't practice law

Story: Linux Users May Be Breaking U.S. Securities LawsTotal Replies: 2
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Jan 18, 2006
7:23 PM EST
Sarbox deals with large public companies. It has absolutely nothing to do with the vast - I mean vast majority of Linux users. Even if some violation of the GPL occurs, I doubt that it would be material in terms of the reporting requirements. This report doesn't even come close to reporting an issue.

I think the entire argument is bogus and an attempt to create publicity. It one of those look at us and buy our stuff because we have a lawyer. It's FUD, disinformation and a big so what.


Jan 19, 2006
12:33 AM EST
I agree, it is. And so is the wasabi's whitepaper they are referring to. However, wasabi is a name in the embedded market. Quite a few people may actually end up reading their whitepaper and believe it. We should get some anti-FUD going.

Jan 19, 2006
12:00 PM EST
I'm already on it. I'll be posting an editorial to that site, hopefully by tomorrow.

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