Had a discussion with a friend once about Office Suites

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Jan 20, 2006
11:38 PM EDT
His argument was that they are not very "wired", to use a more modern twist-of-phrase.

Or put it another way, your average programmer's text editor "knows" certain things. emacs "knows" about brackets, etc; ditto for QT3 Designer, etc. While the average Office Suite doesn't "know" certain commonplace office things.

Personally I think it would be more to the point to plow that sort of AI that emacs for example has for C, Lisp, Ada, etc, into the F/LOSS Office Suites we already have. That's one thing we can do that the accountancy-tied monopolists and young hopefuls can't.

(For my part, I've been thinking of doing something of the sort, basing the text part of things on a table- and dictionary-driven natural language interpreter that shares most of its backend with stuff like an SQL and xBase interpreter and so on and so forth ... I admit to being a little crazy ... So, does anyone have a copy on DVD of the CMU AI Repository that I could use? If so, please contact me at wesDOTparish AT paradiseDOTnetDOTnz ;)

Jan 21, 2006
10:47 AM EDT
I'll give you a hint: emacs doesn't have any AI. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Emacs has different modes that programmers have written. It doesn't use AI to "learn" about how to help code programs or any magic like that.

Jan 22, 2006
10:53 AM EDT
Tux. - cited you and threw in a bit dealing on how this problem may be approached. Note I too see this a data problem, but having a background in databases that's where I see it being stored. Look at: http://lxer.com/module/forums/t/21310/

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