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Jan 22, 2006
12:56 PM EDT
Now it Cyberlink would only offer a Linux version of their standalone DVD player. I know there are free options for playing DVD but having a "legal" player would go far in helping promote a Linux desktop. I'm sure Linspire, Xandros and SUSE would like to offer the option as part of their commercial distributions. If there was a commercial iTunes client too, Linux as a viable home desktop option would be an attractive alternative to Windows for the average home user looking to free themselves from Windows viruses and spyware.

Jan 22, 2006
5:55 PM EDT
TurboLinux and Mandriva offer the Cyberlink DVD player with their distributions.

Jan 22, 2006
7:05 PM EDT
I agree... but not totally. I mean it's a good thing to have a legal player. Of course, I rather see the insanity of why it's illegal to play something you own disappear (sigh).

The problem is exactly HOW a Windows person is able to play DVDs. They either purchased a machine with PowerDVD, or whatever, or they got a retail DVD unit that came with a commercial player.

The 2nd way doesn't bother me too much, but the first way is still problematic for Linux. There are still quite a lot of machines that don't fair well with Linux and I think a large percentage of those machines are the very retail type machines you'd find at Best Buy, CompUSA, etc.

Legal DVDs is a step... but desktop Linux means that desktop (pre built) machines that are compatible with or come with Linux (sound/ethernet/RAID etc.) have to made. Frankly this isn't particularly difficult. But if my Linux ready machine costs $50-100 more than a non-Linux friendly box, will mine sell?

Sorry about the off topic rambling... just something to consider...

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