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Jan 28, 2006
10:40 AM EDT
One very good reasons for Linux to blow past Microsoft is language localization. It's hardly worth Microsoft's money to create an entire Windows just for a rare regional dialect. What has happened instead is that some few interested people get together and do a localization of (insert favorite desktop or office suite here).

This they cannot do with Microsoft products, because of their proprietary nature. If Microsoft doesn't do the change, no change is made. And Microsoft, being a for-profit company, must do what will earn more than it costs.

What's surprising to me is just how long this idea is taking to catch on. Maybe, just maybe, because the press is having some advertising blackmail used to suppress the idea? Hmmmm....

Jan 28, 2006
10:51 AM EDT
Microsoft has localized in many places is true. But, Iran which uses Microsoft has slowly started swithing to free software and Linux particularly. They use openoffice and have a farsi localization project. Same kind of things in India for openoffice. But this has happened for many years. I cannot say it happened only now.

Then, Iran is a bad topic for America. But, not so bad if you realize that openoffice projects in the middle-east saying Israel and with its neighbors have worked together for some time to get the right to left alphabet implemented. Those people get along as friends. I can see it making friends of enemies. So free software has good parts.

So, maybe if Iran people get Linux and more people have computers and the Internet, then the people will change the country from within.


Jan 28, 2006
6:25 PM EDT
Iran is only a bad topic for the American government. That particular den of thieves and malcontents want to change others by force.

F/OSS is all about voluntary cooperation. Governments hate voluntary cooperation, because governments are founded on their being able to use coercion (taxes) and force (war) at will.

The more people voluntarily cooperate, the more they recognize the lies that have been told to them about others in order to support coercion and force. Watching propaganda movies/shorts/cartoons made during various wars is very instructive about the dehumanizing done to make people willing to kill each other on command.

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