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Feb 01, 2006
2:46 PM EDT
I've noticed lately that no one is voting on articles here at Lxer...

Anyone else see this trend? Anyone have any ideas why? Just curious.


Feb 01, 2006
3:12 PM EDT
It was removed after a string of misuse. It was not done lightly though, but a few individuals tainted articles and it was felt that it was not worth it.

We are looking for ideas to make the site more interactive so if you have any input speak up.

Feb 03, 2006
6:47 AM EDT
maybe add an digg vote to article ?

Feb 03, 2006
7:01 AM EDT
We've discussed something like that with a twist. Articles with the most votes would elevate on the front page. Then have a friendly page 2,3,4 etc.

Feb 03, 2006
9:31 AM EDT
I would add that our in-house articles do get a "Digg Story" link.

Feb 03, 2006
9:46 AM EDT
But, we get maybe three diggs from our readers. If it wasn't for the digg subscribers, we would never hit the front page. We've had close to a hundred posts from Lxer and a lot of them wind up two or three votes short of getting pushed forward.

So while people have asked for a more interactive web site, that may not be what this readership wants. It's not that we're a little site any more. LXer has to be in the top two or three Linux news sites.

Look at our comments sections. I see readers in our logs who visit 200+ times a month and never post a comment. Perhaps people are tired of comments on other sites and just want peace when the read :)


Feb 03, 2006
10:08 AM EDT
Quoting:I see readers in our logs who visit 200+ times a month and never post a comment. Perhaps people are tired of comments on other sites and just want peace when the read :)

I agree with Tom and it is a very valid observation. Most readers already know the arguments and don't want to keep repeating the obvious. We ought to be more creative in presenting new material. I suggest we open up to technical discussions. Product evaluation, exploration and experiences are more exciting and entertaining.

Feb 03, 2006
10:17 AM EDT
Abe is correct. I can write personal experience. But to write in technical English is not easy. LXer has editors to help. Write to Tom. We can each contribute. I want to have these article on my CV.

Feb 03, 2006
4:33 PM EDT
Incidentally, the voting wasn't used much either. Fernando, go ahead and write some good tech articles - how-tos, etc. Tom and I can assist you with the English grammar/spelling. That goes for anyone on the editorial team. If any of our readers have an inkling to try their hand at technical writing, go for it.

Mar 13, 2006
4:15 PM EDT
People vote whether there is a mechanism in place to record those votes or not. Clicking to "Read More" or "Full Story" are each a kind of vote. Making a comment on a story is a vote.

These votes do not necessarily need to be displayed but they might be used in some way to retard the natural progression of stories off the bottom of the page. Stories which receive little interest could march right along while those generating a lot of interest could hang back.

If time, reads and comments are somehow taken into account, high interest stories could move off the front page a little slower. Letting the calculations take place without displaying "reads" could help reduce gaming of such a system. Keeping time as an inexorable factor would prevent stories stagnating on the front page, regardless of popularity.

(Could I hire certain lawyers and sue for billions and billions from the developers of Lunar Lander for stealing this valuable IP back before I owned it?)

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