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Feb 28, 2006
12:54 PM EDT
Hello fellow FOSS friends!

I really like, I heard about you guys from The LInux Link Tech Show!! Very interesting interview! If you don't subscribe to their podcast head on over to

I thought I would share our little success story of using 100% FOSS for our company!

We are Ooglebay, a shopping search engine

Our servers are running gentoo linux. Our webserver is a standard Apache 2 install. We use a custom build of PHP 5 and mysql 5 with utf8 support.

Our development has been done on gentoo linux desktops using a variety of editors, from nano to Quanta and a few inbetween.

We have a cross server API that allows ecommerce sites to send up to date data to us through a curl HTTP POST request, it can be used to update all items at once or can be integrated into the site's script and updated as soon as an item is added or updated. This is very useful for auction sites where the bid prices change frequently. Using our API is free and it can submit the item's image url so the image can be shown in the search results.

Please feel free to check out our site and let us know how we can make it better!

Anyone else out there have a FOSS success story?

Feb 28, 2006
2:16 PM EDT
Up at the top of the page, you'll see a menu selection called migrations. We keep those in that database. But, I like starting a great thread here.



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