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Mar 11, 2006
4:28 PM EDT
Perhaps what we need is a Debian with some of the enterprise like qualities of SUSE and Red Hat.

I think that would be much easier to do than to try to teach the "know it alls" new tricks!

(as you mentioned, Debian is slowly... sometimes too slowly... maturing that direction anyhow)


Mar 12, 2006
5:51 AM EDT
A Debian with enterprise qualities. Like Xandros, or Mepis, or Progeny?

Ian Murdock's company Progeny does custom Debian installs for Corporate environments.

I don't think you can get anything more 'debIAN' than something from Ian Murdock.

Mar 13, 2006
2:38 PM EDT
Possibly.. but I work for a major ISV, and only SUSE and Red Hat are "visible" market players.

You have to factor that into "enterprise qualities"....

(I know... it's a catch-22)

Mar 13, 2006
3:53 PM EDT
Knowing for whom you work, I agree with your assessment. I'd make it available for Debian though.

Chris, when I ran Bynari we only made product for Red Hat and SUSE even though we developed on Debian. That strated six years ago. That's also why exim would up in our product stack.

Today, that makes no sense to me. We could as easily created debs for download. I think our server would have become more popular if we had it in one of the repositories, had worked with some of the Debian team and make it 100% open source.

I notice that the so-called Open Exchange product is designed like Insight Server, they have a proprietary installation script and control panel. You can download everything but that.

Otherwise, you can get the same components off the Internet.

That's not your situation, it just depends on how much growth you guys could stand.

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