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Mar 13, 2006
12:06 PM EDT
There are some movie critics that I like to read. Very often, my opinion of the movie is the exact opposite of that critic's opinion.

I'm beginning to wonder if the same is true of Adelstein. I've tried Debian and Debian-inspired distros and have run screaming back to SUSE each time. This article has got to be the most wrong-headed opinion I've seen in a while.


Mar 13, 2006
12:13 PM EDT
Well, I can appreciate your honesty. Just remember it's your opinion. The article wasn't a condemnation of SUSE in any way.

Now, I'll share my opinion. People who use the terms "wrong" and "right" instead of "work" and "not work" have an agenda which translates to wanting to injure another in word or deed. When you make someone else wrong you are doing so to make yourself right. Psychologically, you're a mess Bhai Sahab.

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