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Mar 18, 2006
4:12 AM EDT
I switched to Debian two years ago and have not regretted it. There was a bit of a problem when I switched to AMD64 but it is quite usable with a few tricks, now. In the next release, AMD64 should be just as smooth as the others. I run a Linux terminal server, so I have a very complex system running many services, as well as apps for many users simultaneously. Debian just rocks.

I created a local mirror so installation of local systems does not depend on my limited web bandwidth. I have set up servers of all kinds and desktop systems with no problems. Debian GNU/Linux makes me feel like superman. The stability is far above most other distros because of the large user base and the long testing period. Because of my large user base, I will give up some cutting-edge stuff to keep them (and me) happy.


Mar 18, 2006
6:26 AM EDT
I use Ubuntu so know the value of the Debian approach as well (apt-get into it). It occurs to me that from a server viewpoint the very long stabilization period for Debian is one of it's main advantages. Ubuntu with it's 6 month release cycle seems a trifle unstable in that regard to me. Debian was heavily criticized at the time Ubuntu appeared because of this very long release period. No doubt some of the delay was due to stupid Debian politics but on the other hand a lot was no doubt due to extra attention to stability. So my personal lesson was:

Desktop: Ubuntu because the linux desktop is still immature and so the 6 month update helps. Server: Debian because of the ultra stability.

I wonder in another 3 years when the linux desktop is much more mature whether this analysis will still be the same.

Mar 18, 2006
9:31 PM EDT
An apt-proxy setup on one of my home computers helps reduce the bandwidth gobbling of updates. The other 5 computers get their updates through the apt-proxy, so each package requested is only downloaded 1 time. I'm stuck on dial-up so it's important to eliminate redundant downloads.

Been using Debian for about 6 years after trying every other distribution I could locate. If it suddenly disappeared from the planet, I'd probably fall back to Slackware.

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