What about GnuCash???

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Mar 20, 2006
11:27 PM EDT
Dear Author

You are saying Linux lacks an accounting software? Wrong! What about GnuCash? Have your tried that out yet? I'm using it and it is great!

Best Zeno

Mar 21, 2006
3:24 AM EDT
I think he's referring to income tax software, like Turbo Tax, not personal finance software. Read The Fine Post. Chris

Mar 21, 2006
5:07 AM EDT
Dear zrr:

GNU cash seems like a good start. I mean that. But, I want CPAs using Linux because they're people who have enormous influence on businesses, wealthy individuals, etc. They use comprehensive tax software and accounting software every day.

They need to use very sophisticated accounting software. We don't have a package like Quickbooks. We have some that have been ported to Linux but they aren't even popular on Windows.

I do appreciate you bringing up GNUCash for our readers.



Mar 21, 2006
5:18 AM EDT
Over @ http://lobby4linux.com/ Ken has a link to http://www.appgen.com/aptus/my_books_professional_linux2.htm I've never tried it, but maybe Ken could shed some light on how it works.This is just about the last reason our company still has 2 win machines running.We need something thats not only sophisticated,but something our Accountant can understand.

Mar 21, 2006
6:52 AM EDT
If you want my opinion as a former CPA and someone familiar with AppGen. It's a robust and excellent comprehensive accounting system. At one time you could compare it to any of the major systems available.

It never gained popularity because it was sold to Computer Associates and they didn't do much with it. Now it's in a separate company and they're trying to get people to use it. Unfortunately, like Windows and Office, Intuit owns the space.

Mar 21, 2006
7:26 AM EDT
> because it was sold to Computer Associates and they didn't do much with it.

One of many.

Mar 21, 2006
8:44 AM EDT

Have you looked at sql-ledger? http://sql-ledger.org Any opinions about it, if you have?

I've tried that with 3 businesses so far and each found it too complex for them to use in-house, mainly because of what it would take to do the initial customization to their businesses. This is a hole in accounting services rather than software. I can handle bookkeeping, but the accountants in the area can't (or won't) deal with anything outside the proprietary software they rely on. The little 'mom and pop' shops end up with a bookkeeping system cobbled together from whatever they have handy and take the results to a CPA as needed.

Mar 21, 2006
10:45 AM EDT
It's not that way everywhere. But, it does exist.

I started with mom and pop shops, got tired of it and wrote CAS (Client Accounting System) for the TI 990 Model One. Then I could give the mom and pop shoe boxes to new graduates and let them do it.

That's pretty much the prevalent attitude in the profession today. Back when I started you either had an expensive IBM mini or nothing.


Mar 22, 2006
12:04 AM EDT
I have been using tax software via online services for years now. Used to use TurboTaxOnline, but found other, cheaper...but just as reliable...alternatives. There is still a lot of FUD in the minds of users regarding online services, but I generally find them cheaper, safer and more reliable than local apps for what I need them for.

OTS accounting software does have a way to go in Linux, but generally speaking, accounting, ERP, etc., is heavily customized anyway. There are a lot of open-source platforms available for customization, albeit in varying stages of maturity. I think the real issue is that people (primarily MS people) can't get out of the mindset that something has to be purchased in a shiny box (like cereal) to solve your problem. I think we need to get busy creating a uniform installation standard so that the MS crowd could buy shiney-box apps to install on Linux. That is, if we want Total World Domination...


Mar 22, 2006
5:15 AM EDT
I have been compiling the new 1.9 series of gnucash. Very nice indeed!

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