DRM: Demoncrats, Repugnacans, & Managerats

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Mar 27, 2006
7:14 PM EST
Thanks, Herschel. I have pointed out to my(??) elected Congressional pretending representatives that we cannot maintain a healthy & viable economy by allowing Demented Reprehensible Management to block the arteries of commerce. I don't know if it has really accomplished anything useful, but at least they know how I feel. Furthermore, I will not be purchasing or using ANY drm'd "content" period. Fortunately, I have the option to find other activities more to my liking. Ever have a herd of wild buffalo graze right by while you sit on the ground and contemplate the beauty and majesty of His creations? Who needs DRM? Not I. Now, on a positive note, what has our Lord counseled us to do for the needy? One thing I've learned during my sojourn here is that need is not restricted to lack of food, clothing, housing, etc. Some of the most needy among us are those who have lost their good sense while pursuing interests which gratify greed, lusts, price, and vanity. I have found that when I can picture these people as my brothers or sisters who are in desperate need, and genuinely pray for the Lord to bless them with the help the need, my heart is softened, and frequently, so is theirs. May we always take the high road, and maybe with our help, the Lord will reach them before they are permanently lost. T'would be a good thing, eh. ps. The Mormom Tabernacle Choir's music is not DRM'd afaik, and is REALLY good now that they have their own orchestra and production company. I really love Consider the Lilies. It has some of the most peaceful and serene music that I've ever heard. Even beats the sound of buffalo grazing on a cold winter's night. May the God of Heaven and Earth help us all to realize that we are all His children, and that we will all prosper and be blessed with true peace by working together for the benefit of all.

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