What particularly disturbs me

Story: Working Linux Emergency Response System Undermined at Homeland Security by Microsoft LobbyingTotal Replies: 0
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Mar 28, 2006
7:49 PM EDT
What particularly disturbs me is that government officials, elected or not, would have any allegiance to other than this nation. Of course, they are to be supporting both the people of the nation as well as the businesses and economy of the nation. But that doesn't translate into an allegiance that would specifically favor one US business over another. We need to uncover and identify specific individuals who have these specific allegiances, and get them removed.

I wonder to what degree this is having an effect on adopting Linux in Government:

[url=http://news.com.com/Sandal and ponytail set cramping Linux adoption/2100-7344_3-6054741.html]http://news.com.com/Sandal and ponytail set cramping Linux a...[/url]

It certainly doesn't seem to be applicable to the ERN / HSIN-CI situation.

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