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Apr 04, 2006
4:52 AM EDT
Your title is very misleading, and your article is uninformative and not even funny. Really it's just sad. Please, what was your purpose of writting it? It was obviously not to discuss how to customize Ubuntu.

Please do not bash Debian based on YOUR inabilities, the info is available if you look for it.

I have been using Sid - the testing version of Debian - for about a year now and I have not encountered such difficulties aside from Kaffiene, which is doing really well now.

Please don't use testing software if you don't know what you're doing, and then go say bad things about it. It' s even worse that you can't get ubuntu working properly, let alone customized. Here is the link the ubuntu forums, they can help you. http://www.ubuntuforums.org/

Apr 04, 2006
8:06 AM EDT
yoshu: At Lxer, we criticize the content and not the person.

Apr 04, 2006
12:30 PM EDT
LOL, If Ubuntu is to ever live up to its hype, it is going to need much criticism. Many of the people who contribute to this site are Journeyman Software and Hardware Engineers. I believe they might know the meaning of testing software. Trust me...the author has a tad bit of knowledge in both areas...just a bit. Ubuntu is King because the developer has thrown a ton of money at it and the geeks like it, most of them anyway. The everyday computer user is frightened away from it within three minutes of boot.

Looks like an Ubuntu fan might be just a bit defensive of "his" distro. Others would be rude and just come out and call someone like this a fanboi. No one here would do that. Once people get past their distro allegiances, GNU/Linux just might grow.

Apr 04, 2006
12:43 PM EDT
Quoting:Once people get past their distro allegiances, GNU/Linux just might grow.

Some people will need to get past their distastes for certain distros as well.

Apr 04, 2006
1:41 PM EDT
A lot of the problems people have with Linux, IMHO, fit the category of pilot error. Linux isn't a Mitsubihi MU-2B. The autopilot does freeze into a zero glide pattern or anything like that.

I think it takes a bit longer to learn how to use Linux and that's not a bad thing. IMHO

Apr 05, 2006
5:40 PM EDT
>"Once people get past their distro allegiances, GNU/Linux just might grow."

Have you been asleep since 1998 or so? Actually, you'd have to have been in a coma longer than that, since that was about the time it began crowding NT out. Seems to me the numbers have indicated phenomenal growth of GNU+Linux for quite a few years, in every category. Maybe "distro allegiances" don't inhibit its growth after all. People seem to like choice. It's only natural to advocate what you like. Amazing that so many spend so much time on something they don't get paid to do. Must be something to this sharing with your neighbor thing.

Apr 05, 2006
9:51 PM EDT
Since there is no real 'marketing' data on much of Linux, I believe the actual user count is estimated much lower that the actual number of users.

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