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Apr 04, 2006
7:18 AM EST
In order to change the behavior of the boycotted organization, three things are necessary.

1. The boycotted must understand what is being boycotted and why. A simple email with an explanation should suffice.

2. The boycotted must see a difference in some tangible and measurable way. There isn't much we can do here as it requires management skills on the part of the boycotted. Any number of things will suffice- hit counts, sales figures, click-throughs.

3. The boycotted must understand the remedy, or circumstances necessary to end the boycott. Without this step, the boycotted will simply factor out the boycotting party and continue on as-is. Many boycotts fail because of this. The email, mentioned at step one, should suffice.

Keep in mind that not all boycotts are successful. At some point it may be necessary to change tactcs.

Apr 04, 2006
8:52 AM EST
SS: Good work. Did we share a desk once? I saw you steps in a training manual as I recall.

Keep in mind, I'm saying as an editorial policy that we're not putting up their content.

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