It's called competition. Live with it.

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Apr 04, 2006
10:18 PM EST
There's very little to be said about this matter. Sure, if I had a company that developed some product I'd feel bad if my competitors advertised theirs in the same place. The fact that I feel bad doesn't make it wrong though. But the bulk of this post seems to be focusing more on that whole "I feel bad" part, rather than the more important "where'd the 35%" (to which some attention has been paid) "come from?"

Instead of calling for some political/ethical boycott on FACT of competition, perhaps you should be calling for some claims of fraud/manipulation instead. It's the closest ethical match for the circumstances claimed.

Apr 04, 2006
11:27 PM EST
If the MS "Get the Facts"advertisements contained any 'factual' information at all, your argument might have credence.

Apr 05, 2006
6:08 AM EST
the_it: A couple of things. This is an editorial decision not a call to arms. We are finding alternative sources. It's an easy thing to do even though it requires a time commitment.

Secondly, the FTC is supposed to regulate in the area where a monopilist rules. The rules of competition change when a US Federal Appeals Court labels an organization as a monopoly. They aren't your ordinary competitor.

Apr 05, 2006
7:10 AM EST
Get the facts, get the 'real' facts that is...

The link is to the Federal Court's Finding of Facts in the Microsoft anti-trust trial.

Anyone, even journalists, can use any of these facts as facts when talking about Microsoft in public.

And thats a fact!

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