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Story: Virus proof of concept can infect both Windows and Linux systemsTotal Replies: 1
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Apr 08, 2006
1:34 PM EDT
I'm, unfortunately enough, not an OS developer, nor do I have any relevant experience, but since it's in ASM, how does that effect permissions, kernel level activity, etc? I'm thinking that, otherwise, the fact that it is cross-platform doesn't mean all that much...

Apr 08, 2006
4:10 PM EDT
While it is certainly possible to infect a Linux system, I find it more than a little suspicious that all the 'ominous' warnings come from Windows based AV software vendors, or MS itself. I expect that sooner or later someone will write more virus specifically for Linux, but I wouldn't get my panties in a bunch over the prospect of it.

In the mean time run clamav, and schedule chkrootkit. Not a bad Idea on any system. Personally, I run a text based email client which eliminates or at least minimizes most modes of infection anyway. Truthfully, most virus infections come from some idiot opening the door by clicking on something when they know damn well they shouldn't. Windows users are notorious for that. Let's hope Linux users are at least a little smarter.

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