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Apr 12, 2006
4:32 PM EDT
Amen brother!

Apr 12, 2006
5:05 PM EDT
I second that!

I'll be spreading that message.

Apr 13, 2006
3:51 AM EDT
All well said and I fully agree with you. Saves me another blog to write. Before there can be negociations, Microsoft must have turned its evil ways. No matter how many people it "buys", no matter how loud they cry Microsoft "is not that bad", we "have to coexist" and "to work together", point is whoever ever cooperated with Microsoft was always severely shagged in the end.

I think we as a community should make a manifesto to offer to Microsoft, giving the reasons why we do not want to collaborate and the conditions for cooperation, e.g. free Windows 98, stop offering "facts", refund for MS-tax, etc. As it is now whether we cooperate or not, MS will always win, either commercially or PR-wise. We should start using the same tactics. Is Bruce Perens not a good speaker for the community?? Or RMS?? Just an idea..

Hans Bezemer

Apr 13, 2006
12:09 PM EDT
One of the most harmful things Microsoft did was to bully hardware vendors into not releasing programming information for their devices. (Video cards, etc). The "Microsoft tax" on PCs sold without an operating system has to go, too. I have no intention of ever running any Microsoft software on any machine I buy. Both of these have to stop before I will consider either talking to, or listening to, Microsoft.

Apr 13, 2006
4:27 PM EDT
Free Windows 98? You mean free as in freedom right? I think that would actually be a good thing for the community considering how many people are just plain addicted to windows. We could take the source of Windows 98 and make it better than XP probably sooner than Microsoft releases Vista into something that these windows addicts would dig. And then we can say: "Fine, you don't want GNU/Linux, here's windows for you with which you can be free! See.. all I wanted is for you to be free, I don't care what OS are you using, as long as you are free from Microsofts control!"

Eh.. well I guess dreaming is a good thing. :P

Apr 13, 2006
7:15 PM EDT
Next thing you know you'll have Debian with a Sun kernel :P ... Oh... We already have that. What is the world coming to ;-) ?

Apr 16, 2006
11:30 AM EDT
The Debian team have officially recognized that? Didn't think so.

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