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Story: FOSS Community Should Not Negotiate With Microsoft On Port 25Total Replies: 6
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Apr 14, 2006
5:52 AM EDT
That the author and many of the like-minded folks are the very same saying we _should_ negotiate with _real_ terrorists.

Apr 14, 2006
6:06 AM EDT
I doubt that's the case.

Apr 14, 2006
1:21 PM EDT
The author is a former US Marine and refuses to negotiate with terrorists or even common criminals. :-)

Apr 16, 2006
2:00 AM EDT
dcparris: What's this "former" thing? I thought you jarheads were all lifers whether you continued to wear the uniform or not.

BTW, great article. Ask Steve Jobs, IBM, Netscape, Stac, Burst, Digital Research, Borland, Peru, Bristol, BeOS, Lindows, Novell, Sun, E-Data, AT&T, Spyglass, Italy, or 3Com if Microsoft fits the label "economic terrorist". (The list is far too long to put in a comment).

For Microsoft, "food" and "partner" are almost synonymous. The latter only differs in that it's future food.

Count your silverware if you're ever visited by someone from Microsoft. You might want to frisk them for hidden cameras, too.


Apr 16, 2006
5:14 AM EDT
Well, I'm an inactive Marine. ;-) We say former, not "ex-". But yes, I do still have a lot of my Marine mentality. ;-)

Apr 16, 2006
8:10 AM EDT
"That the author and many of the like-minded folks are the very same saying we _should_ negotiate with _real_ terrorists."

no what you are saying by this statement is we should make nice and do whatever microsoft says we should do with our computers. so you are the one that is saying make nice with terrorists.

but you keep spending your money on a convicted monopolists that just uses it's money you give to it to buy their way out of trouble. why hasn't internet explorer been updated in six years - they only now are going to release ie7 (maybe maybe not) because firefox has over 10% of the market. microsoft wants complete control of the market so they can decide when to put out software and what they think their customers need. if this isn't economic terrorism I don't what is.


Apr 16, 2006
8:30 AM EDT
also boatboy - my father fought in wwII and he would be appalled by what microsoft is doing to this country that he fought to protect. Along with all the politicians that take their bribes. we do not need microsoft software and never have. they are the only ones that are forcing their junk on us. until they learn that and start acting like that I will never trust them.

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