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Story: Microsoft's ISA Firewall Is Impotent Against IPv6 TrafficTotal Replies: 5
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Apr 28, 2006
10:11 AM EDT
...rather than falling into the tempting trap of endless Microsoft-criticizing. But dang, it's like living in a chocolate factory and vowing to eat only broccoli.

I think Microsoft has been perpetrating a huge hoax on us all these years. I think Jim Jones is alive and well, and running the company. How else can you explain brainwashing on such a massive scale?

Apr 28, 2006
10:19 AM EDT
Oh Your Good!!

I think that they just downloaded him into a mainframe lawnmower man style.

"..vowing to only eat broccoli." That's AWESOME!


Apr 28, 2006
1:38 PM EDT
I'll buy that for a dollar!

Apr 28, 2006
2:07 PM EDT
ummm... CHOCOLATE :)

Apr 28, 2006
6:53 PM EDT
Umm, that's not chocolate that MS is manufacturing.

Please wash thoroughly after flushing.

Apr 28, 2006
6:57 PM EDT
no grouch, the chocolate is the joy of criticizing MS :D

Never, never touch (or kick) the stuff that MS produces. Not even bleach will remove the stink.

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