coverity should pay money for this "story"

Story: Coverity Catches Biggest X Window Security Hole Since 2000Total Replies: 2
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May 03, 2006
7:35 AM EDT
It's a fluffy ad that inflates a very minor issue, make 'em pay.

**edit** Coverity didn't catch this one: "There is a vulnerability in the X.Org server; it is a buffer overflow which can enable local root access by way of an X client. ....Note that this is not the vulnerability so loudly proclaimed recently by Coverity. That is an older bug which LWN readers knew about last March."

Apparently this too is a typo.

May 03, 2006
5:11 PM EDT
tuxchick2: Coverity actually found that parentheses bug back in March. I don't know why it's been revived.

May 03, 2006
5:28 PM EDT
Maybe their PR people had some extra-strong coffee yesterday.

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