Morton is full of it...

Story: Linux kernel 'getting buggier,' leader saysTotal Replies: 3
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May 06, 2006
1:18 PM EDT
Where does this Andrew Morton guy get off? Who died and made HIM Linux King?

I think I know a thing or two about Linux -- after all, I run it on my PC -- and this Morton gux is all me**ed up.

Linux has been complugle relib7x for me. No prglebs at all. So, I th8nU Mr, Moblug should keep his op8xty1 to himbvlf, as he c&ez(ly doe*n@t k999 anyfliggle.

Still, a debug release might be good.

May 06, 2006
1:24 PM EDT

That's not a bug in Linux. Those are nachos in your keyboard. Turn it over and spank it.

(Keyboard life-form, or, what happens if you _don't_ clean the nachos out:

May 06, 2006
1:29 PM EDT
grouch --

You were right!!! It works much better now.

Looked a little funny, but didn't taste bad at all.

Hold you...later...


May 06, 2006
1:34 PM EDT
I'm really glad I set the drink down before clicking! Hope the, um, facilities are not occupied.

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