Ballmer : "There's no innovation out of linux"

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May 10, 2006
9:45 PM EDT
" Ballmer said open source may have a role in the technology world, but it's not leading the way.

"There's no innovation that we've seen come out of -- at least Linux," Ballmer said Tuesday. "

May 10, 2006
11:51 PM EDT
Yeah, it is funny to hear something like this from a manager who's company has (with almost no exception) bought or outright stolen all ideas (especially those ideas that are MS's cash cow).


May 11, 2006
2:34 AM EDT
Give it about 24 hours and let's see what Ballmer has to say about "innovation". As the kids say on my block, "I think we got something for his, uh,,,never mind...this is a family website. You can fill in the blank. ;-)


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