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May 10, 2006
10:25 PM EDT
A couple of paragraphs in the article really stand out to me:

"As companies embrace Linux, IT teams find they can trade a proprietary mishmash that relies mostly on obscurity for an open, standards-based platform.

"Rather than relying on one large vendor and a multitude of smaller ones for security patches, IT staffers can turn to peer-level support, community resources and their own expertise to address emerging security threats. And, because all implementations of Linux -- from servers to desktops to embedded -- use the same open-source IP stacks, Ipchains firewalls, SSH/SSL, security modules and other mechanisms, administrators can reuse hard-won expertise in one environment across their entire infrastructure."

I can imagine some IT staffer using ssh to update the CEO's handheld, the finance department's database server, marketing's print server, the kiosk in front of the receptionist's desk, the security guard's cell phone, production's assembly robot on line 3, and tuxkart in the day-care, all while sitting at her desk, reading the news online.

May 11, 2006
2:44 AM EDT
succintly stated and brilliant in simplicity Grouch.

I don't know how many sysadmins within the Austin School District have salivated over the Linux Server Systems, while stuck in the "a-new-crisis-everyday" Windows Servers.

Almost makes me feel sorry for them, especially the ones who run a Linux server elsewhere and are stuck using Windows in the Schools. Good gnus though...AISD has been making a sloooowwwww but steady move to SUSE on the Server Side. There is hope.


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