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May 25, 2006
9:24 AM EDT
This Titch dares to ask: "If this is simply an issue of Microsoft's willingness to commit to open standards, what is your take on Open XML?"

How does he dare, seen the history of MS in 'not opening' their SMB protocol, even when asked by the EU and getting a fine of €497 million and possibly €2 million a day? Asking this is brutal distortion of facts (sorry, I'm really pissed off by anyone saying Microsoft is willing to commit to open standards seen the history). Microsoft isn't willing to commit to any open standards at all, unless they loose more than $1 billion or so, which might be the case with their office-application not offering any surplus value compared to the free OpenOffice, apart from the good 'old MS-formats support'. All they do is add the term 'open' to their products, purely for marketing purposes, thereby distorting the meaning of 'open', and using framing-language.

Could anyone please check this guys bank account to look for 'Baystar-money'?

May 25, 2006
12:46 PM EDT
You understand perfectly, here's how it works.

Distort facts - Lie - Lie about the lies - Distort the lies - When presented with facts, ignore them and lie again - direct attention away from issue and use language that was used in the facts presented to you - lie some more...

Ok so it gets a little complicated, but that's how it usually pans out.

The only thing M$ is 'open' to? Everyone getting out of their way.

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