I'd rate getting totalled as "too slow", and MSO does that.

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May 28, 2006
4:15 AM EDT
MS-Office sometimes refuses to read a doc, sometimes gets swarmed under by a virus/spyware or whatever, sometimes there's an unadvertised OS patch, sometimes it's MS just wanting to hit the customer up for more money.

If OOo refuses to read a document, you're unlikely to do any better with a hex editor, even with much patience. That document is truly DOA. For clients, I've read many MS-Word documents in OOWriter and saved them back so MS-Word can read it in -- which MSW won't do directly.

I've also thrown OOo on as a rescue when MSO throws a hissy fit at someone's (perfectly valid AFAICT) licencing.

Also, MS-Office components don't natively do stuff like write PDFs etc, OOo chunks *do*. (-:

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