Linux is scary?

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Jun 24, 2006
6:05 PM EDT
From the article:

"I do see Linux making inroads in SMB in the storage space. There are lots of NAS devices out there running on Linux, and customers are storing more and more data on Linux boxes integrated into Windows environments," said Michael Cocanower, president of itSynergy, Phoenix. "It scares me, frankly, because I don't want my customers' data on a Linux box. I'd rather see it on a Microsoft box just to keep the integration story strong."

Can somebody explain that to me, please?

Jun 24, 2006
6:28 PM EDT
> Can somebody explain that to me, please?

Translation: I know how to make more money by selling and servicing Windows boxes than I do selling and servicing Linux boxes.

Jun 24, 2006
6:33 PM EDT
The statement makes sense when you consider the source...

One thing a Microsoft partner sells is easy integration of the pieces...

Linux powered pieces let somebody see that there's more than one way to work together.

Feels like going back twenty years in time to mainframe shops that were all blue vs those that were blue and red and green.

Jun 24, 2006
7:02 PM EDT
Means all he knows is microsoft and he doesn't want to learn anything else even though it would be doing his customers a service to know linux.

If I was a customer of this company and I read what this guy said I would no longer be a customer. He probably is an MCSE.

I suggest he go get some IT training and learn how to run a mission critical infrastructure.

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