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Jun 27, 2006
7:43 AM EDT
This product has to "activated" with Xandros in order to access updates via Xandros Networks. You can install on one business machine and as many home machines as you like, but you can only update about 4 or 5 of these machines before being blocked from receiving future activation codes.

So, if you're moving to Linux to get away from such Microsoft-like behaviour, you would be well advised to give Xandros a miss in favour of other distros.

Jun 27, 2006
1:32 PM EDT
Exactly...Now I am far from an anti-capitalist...having used the system to my advantage on an occasion or two. I am GLAD to see GNU/Linux being developed in this direction. However, I remain surprised that Xandros is still considered a Linux Distro. To show just how much one person can change their mind in a short time, I, not too long ago, referred to the CEO of Linspire as an idiot. For even me, that is strong language. Whether he read it or not, I sent him a pen and ink apology for my short-sightedness as well as my rudeness. For the "MS/AOL"ruined generation, Linspire may just be their salvation. Once they get used to a bit of the Linux way, then maybe they will explore other distros...

Some folks love Xandros, and that's fine. There is a fella on the forums there named ED who is not only helpful and friendly, he is a guru floating above other gurus. Unfortunately, the majority of the Xandros community seems to have developed a "slashdot mentality" and some are the most defensive rabid fanboi's I have ever seen. Not only unfriendly, some of them are not terribly bright. I mentioned one fellow there two years ago on the forums, "RTFM is not a good response if you expect to gain users."

His response:

"RTFM...what the hell does that spell. What kind of idiot are you. There aren't any vowels in it.

****ing ****head"

Makes me wish someone had rescued Librenet.


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