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Story: Red Hat Stock Falling as Lawsuit Against JBoss Comes to the ForeTotal Replies: 1
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Jun 30, 2006
8:11 AM EDT
Red Hat is being sued over the ORM Mapping product Hibernate. Hibernate is currently a JBoss owned product.

The ideas behind ORM stretch back decades. If you know of prior art, blog about it.

Groklaw has started a Groklaw-members only thread to collect leads to prior art. If you are a groklaw member you will be able to add your cases of prior art there.

Please don't let patent trolls destroy free enterprise and help if you can

Jun 30, 2006
10:35 AM EDT
While I think that finding prior art is good in the short term, what happens when the OSS community turns its exhaustive resources on the problem and determines, for sure, that it is not the greedy company FireStar that has the earliest prior art, but the greedy company StarFire that deserves the patent?

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