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Jul 28, 2006
7:25 AM EDT
I am glad they ship with no ports open - if someone wants a print server then they should learn how to configure it - this is why I recommend ubuntu to new users - no ports open.

I bought a usb print server for my one home printer a long time ago for ten bucks off of ebay and it does lpd and works great. I would recommend one of those for home users - one time setup and I never had to touch it again - just need the ip/queue name for setting up lpd clients. it also does apple and windows but never tried those since I don't use them.

keep the ports closed!

Aug 29, 2007
1:46 PM EDT

you very obviously didn't read (or correctly parse) the two articles referenced at the root of this thread.

Otherwise you'd have taken into account these (very clear, or not?) sentences:

"CUPS servers use UDP broadcasts to announce available and shared printers to their potential CUPS clients on the same LAN. CUPS clients use a setting of "Browsing On" in their cupsd.conf to make them notice these broadcast UDP announcements. Note, that this setting on its own does *not* make a cupsd announce his own local printers (that would require to additionally specify "BrowseAddress"), and does *not* turn it into a CUPS server!. ships default config settings of "Browsing On" and BrowseAddress commented out. This makes perfect CUPS clients, which work out of the box, and enabling them to print with "zero configuration" (no printer installation required, no client installation necessary either) should they discover a CUPS server near them."

In other words: your statement "if someone wants a print server then they should learn how to configure it... [...] - no ports open." is completely beside the point.

The point was: Ubuntu is pre-configured to not be a print _client_ capable to work 'out-of-the-box', even if there _are_ correctly configured print servers around.

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