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Aug 15, 2006
8:39 AM EDT
Looks like I'm one of the "lucky" ones. I have yet to check the exact serial number, but everything else matches on my company supplied Dell laptop.

Aug 15, 2006
10:10 AM EDT
I'm off the hook as well. I have a Latitude D610, but the battery model doesn't match the recall. Woohoo! I'm still shutting my laptop down when I go to work though.

Aug 15, 2006
12:01 PM EDT
At work, I've already checked 7 out of 9 laptops - and two of them have the "right" numbers, which means they have to be replaced.

I didn't want to create a panic here, but due to the explosion at that Japanese conference, I thought ok, let's post that one.

Sorry again for setting it in bold/capitals...

cheers, wjl

Aug 15, 2006
9:39 PM EDT
Ok; checked 9 out of 9 Dell laptops/notebooks @work, and 4 out of these 9 actually *could* explode, and have to be replaced. So this is serious. If you know of people in your surrounding who use Dell machines, maybe you should spread the news...

thanks and cheers, wjl

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