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Story: GNU/Linux for Christians: Kubuntu-based Ichthux Beta5 is outTotal Replies: 2
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Aug 27, 2006
6:15 PM EDT
First K/Ubuntu gave us two distributions built around the two favorite desktops. Now Christians can pick their favorite desktop - Gnome (Ubuntu Christian Edition) or KDE (Ichthux).

Aug 27, 2006
6:51 PM EDT
Yeah. Nice to have projects like that to put some of the Christian progs all in one place for people who need them and don't have a linux distro already (I just install the desired progs in my gentoo install, but that's geeks like me, your average user needs things easier). :)

Now if I could just find a decent multi-monitor handling song/presentation projection program for linux maybe I could convert our projection comp off of Win2k.....

Our projection program (Worship Him - commercial sadly, and we can't upgrade considering the new version requires XP) itself would probably run under wine, though I haven't tried it, but it also needs to launch Powerpoint viewer for presentations.

I tried making it launch Impress, but Impress doesn't handle launching in view show mode very well yet (namely when the show is done it goes back to OO instead of closing as it should), and it doesn't handle the second monitor right (the program tosses it to the second monitor as it's launching, but it moves itself back to the first one).


Aug 27, 2006
7:45 PM EDT
You should seriously look at OpenLP, OpenSong and Lyricue. The first 2 are Win/Mac-oriented, while Lyricue is a GNU/Linux app. Asaph is a Java song database that is enhanced by pyAsaph. :-)

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