What the heck is this?

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Oct 11, 2006
6:21 AM EDT
What the heck is this?

The author states, "will this make me switch" (from Xandros) and then goes through an install of Ubuntu? Where's the comparison? How is it better than Xandros that you're using? How is it different from Xandros? Is it different? How's the performance? How is the install? Are things better? Are they worse?

These are the types of things one would normally examine when contemplating a change in life...pro's and con's of each direction. I see nothing pro (pun intended) about this article.

Using a headline like that to entice and then failing to deliver is the same as making an awesome trailer for a movie that sux. I'm thinking the author might want to be a little more careful in the future...a more proper name might have been "a look at Ubuntu 6.10 Beta"

Final thought; if the author only uses the desktop for the things mentioned, he might as well stick with a desktop that is updated less and thus, more stable. Else he might update and then get pissed at all Linux because his xorg.conf was snafu'd (like ubuntu did earlier this year).

Oct 11, 2006
8:59 AM EDT
Agreed. It's just content to take up space to get people to come by so they can get money for advertising, but then that's the web.

I also think it's not fair to rank a beta. Some folks will read it and form an opinion that will carry over to the final release, when things are fixed and it's back to a 9-10.

If a person only does those things he mentions and nothing else, I would recommend Centos 4.4. It's stable and it gets updates for as long as Red Hat, which is 7 years. That's the perfect distro for someone who doesn't really do anything. Oh, yeah, and it's free.

I'm going back to work.

Oct 11, 2006
2:01 PM EDT
i was thinking the same thing....centos 4.4

Or slackware 11. slapt-get is nice and easy and you KNOW updates will be stable.

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