Paul - You sadistic b*st*rd!!

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Oct 16, 2006
6:09 AM EDT
First..I don't see your smiling face. It seems your pretty little picture is missing or some such thing. Is that the editors being kind to the rest of us or just a goof? to the rest...

You heartless, insensitive, altogether wicked monster!!!

Flaunting your freedom from the hassles most people take for granted.

Not me, mind you. I haven't been on a Linux desktop quite as long as you, but I'm going on 9 years. My experience isn't quite as rosy. I had some, um, entertaining experiences during the 2.4 kernel's VM "experience". I guess you wouldn't call those crashes so much as slowdowns so bad that I got tired of waiting and punched the big red button. Still, close to the same effect. All in the past now, though.

It is wild, though, to hear people talk about viruses, updates to their scanners, etc. I sure would hate to live that way. I sure would hate to discover that I have upgraded some piece of something that made my software demand a phone home for blessing.

Linux does the things I need and more. Hooray!

My wife's not so lucky. Oh well. You can't win them all.

Oh -- Paulie -- The more I think about the picture, the more I think invisible ain't a bad look for you. Makes it hard to see the circles around the eyes gone bloodshot from staring at a phosphor-burned monocrhome screen composing racy ascii images and creating object files with a hex editor while cackling "Assemblers are for weenies".

I do rather wonder how you manage to handle english so well. Did you write a program for that?


Oct 16, 2006
6:19 AM EDT
Sheesh! I forgot Halloween was approaching. Hope you'll enjoy the chills and thrills!

Oct 16, 2006
6:28 AM EDT
Rev -

I see the picture is fixed.

Hmmm. Pauli's not the only sadistic b*st*rd in these parts!!!!

Oct 16, 2006
6:36 AM EDT

Oct 16, 2006
7:27 AM EDT
Quoting: I do rather wonder how you manage to handle english so well. Did you write a program for that?

Dino, As usual, all I'm trying to do is communicate, and darned if one of the first talkbacks I come across insults the very core of my being. Of course I didn't write a program for my english, or it would make more sense.

It's sad that all some people can do to make their day rosy is log into LXer and flame someone. You need to take a page from the book of FeriCyde and become a more peaceful being, like me.

You warmongering hackers are all alike.

You crouch in the dust of your fox-holes (should I say "firefox holes"), nothing but the glow of recently exploded shrapnel and the smell of cordite to guide your way. You thought you'd just waltz in here, and take advantage of my pacifist nature -- that I'd just roll over (as usual) and not fight back?

Well guess what?, I'm on to you and your testosterone-laden ways. I can see right through your subtle attempts to appear peaceful all the while firing up that flamethrower of flatulent verbage. But it won't be so easy in the future. I have my eye on you now -- soon (SOON!) everyone on will know you for the kind of madman you are. Tuck those nuclear missiles away -- we have anti-missile missiles at the ready.

Hmmm. For some reason I feel a lot better now.

Maybe there's something cathartic about all this flaming after all...


Oct 16, 2006
8:20 AM EDT
Watch yourself, dino, the photo looks like Paulie Soprano.

Oct 16, 2006
8:58 AM EDT
Paulie, Paulie, Paulie --

Sadly, I have no nukes available for this fray.

Seems my supplier's recent quality control test went badly and their ability to deliver is now in serious question.

I am left with conventional weapons and unconventional wisdom.

I am happy to have provided you a moment of catharsis.

But, to your original point, I can be easy-going.

My computers run Linux and I don't wilt under a steady stream of viri or constantly fight a vendor who is trying to take my software away.

At least, not directly.


Oct 17, 2006
2:55 PM EDT
Wow! This is clearly the most insightful article ever written. I think I will go Digg it. I think everyone should Digg it. Most importantly of all, I think everyone who even thinks about viewing this page should click on every banner ad on this web site and buy something. In fact, why not go to every web site you can find and click on all the banner ads and buy things from each?

And I say this as just another unbiased individual out in cyberspace who has never even met Paul and therefore has no reason whatsoever to say that even Hunter S. Thompson should worship at his feet.

Sincerely and unbiasedly,

George Tirebiter

Oct 17, 2006
2:59 PM EDT
Hey George -

Good to see you still kicking around.

Way back when, people said a lot of things about you that didn't seem very nice at the time, but...

things aren't always what they seem.

Oct 17, 2006
6:30 PM EDT
dino: i'm suspicious that skycrusher , er tirecrusher, skybiter, whatever his alias is, is being *sarcastic*. Not totally sure here at the moment, but that male intuition thing is kicking in on this one big time... -=FeriCyde=-

Oct 17, 2006
6:35 PM EDT
Paulie --

I've never been one to belittle male intuition, unless, of course, it be little.

I will yield to your Paulness and accept that good ol' GT (if those are his real initials) is sarcasticizing.

That is, if Paul is YOUR real name...

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