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Oct 22, 2006
6:45 PM EDT
Excellent article - I do like it when it's done in a 'non-fussy', but in no way patronising style! However, in your list you do have Fedora, which, while very good for the low-to-medium Linux-experienced, isn't yet a 'default-install' as Multimedia-PC, Distro.

I'm a Microsoft products tech (CompTIA ID COMP10649241, latest qual), now on disability. I started getting into Linux about 2002, when User-scrambled XP PCs were driving us wacky at the shop where I was then working. I didn't go at all well, at first, with Mandrake 9.x, gave up for awhile, tried again with 10.x, then Mandriva 2005 and 2006.

Sadly, as 'full solutions' for my PC-ing, they were just too 'finicky-awkward' to feel comfy with... Enter PCLinuxOS. Freeby download ISO, burns to LiveCD, to try out, and also intstalls, starting at the LiveCD desktop, from it. They have a 'deal' (show a splash-screen on boot) with Nvidia for drivers. Just put in dvdcss2 with the superb Synaptic, and throw your movie DVDs in the drive - plays instantly with Kaffeine.

In fact - it all 'just works'. It's designed as a 'beginner from Windows' Linux - but is all-Linux, not a Windows clone, like some. It isn't a 'lump of an install', like Suse or Mandriva - so suits older PCs, but with more than 5000 items in the Synaptic-accessed Repository, can be loaded up with excellent apps, tools, utilities, as much as you like.

Not one glitch with any, in the 6 months I've had versions 0.92 and 0.93a. So I think it deserves a mention in your Easy to Use Distros - without displacing any of the worthy others. I have no connections with the Team at PCLinuxOS, other than as a very delighted User. Do love LXer, too.

Best Regards, David. (davdoak@yahoo.com.au)

Oct 22, 2006
7:11 PM EDT
Yay, a happy success story! Thank you.

Oct 23, 2006
4:55 AM EDT
Dave, This is *exactly* the kind of feedback that makes us community. I'm going to try this distro sometime soon -- thanks for pointing it out. --Paul

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