line breaks in "plain text" mode not recognised

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Oct 25, 2006
6:35 AM EDT
When submitting a story, one can select either "plain text" or "html" mode. I guess this option determines how text in the "head" and "body" boxes will be treated.

When selecting "plain text" mode and writing text without any html tags in these boxes, line breaks are not recognised. Instead, line break are ignore and all text is written in one paragraph. I guess this is not how "plain text" mode is supposed to work.

The obvious workaround is using "html" mode and putting in the right html tags for paragraphs and line breaks.

Regards, Dominik

Oct 25, 2006
4:08 PM EDT
I am sorry about that, I will talk to the powers that be concerning this. I or someone else will get back to you.

Oct 26, 2006
12:31 AM EDT
Cheers, take your time.

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