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Oct 29, 2006
10:36 PM EDT
The thing I desperately need in OO is to be able to enter the menubar sum command from the keyboard. The reason is, when you do the menubar sum, it intelligently calculates what you probably want to sum. The wonderful assumption it makes is, you want to total up to but not including the last time you did a sum.

So if you are moving down a column with periodic subtotals, as for instance you would when using a bar code reader to enter sales, if there were some keyboard shortcut for the menubar sum, you could just generate a 'total for this sale' from the reader by having them click a barcode.

As it is they can do this, but they have to put down the reader, pick up the mouse, and then click the menubar sum. It works, but why?

Why is it that you can do this by clicking on the epsilon sign, but that there is no keyboard shortcut and apparently no way to create one? And, if you evoke it in a macro, it doesn't actually trigger the epsilon key. It just triggers the exact cell range you keyed when you created the macro. Infuriating!

The abscence of this trivial little often requested feature is driving me to master knoda/kexi/glom/rekall. Have to say, as suggested by someone here in the past, knoda is looking the best of the bunch at the moment. But that may be because etch only seems to have rekall 2.2 in the repositories...

Oct 30, 2006
6:15 AM EDT
Can't you create a keyboard shortcut for it? Tools > Customize > Keyboard

Guess not - I didn't see anything in my cursory look.

Oct 30, 2006
10:14 PM EDT
Don't think so. At least, I've been through every single command in there, and haven't found it. In Windows/Excel you would have ALT+= which would do it. It seems weird, what can be so hard about a keyboard shortcut?

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