So, exactly where did that driver run?

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Nov 01, 2006
6:17 AM EDT
Umm Rev....

I'll think a lot more of your argument if you can answer a simple question for me:

On which piece of hardware did that driver run?

Nov 01, 2006
9:11 AM EDT

You say "the real issue is whether the GPL, or any other license can effectively tackle the challenge of tivoization"

I think you also have to look at whether we even 'should' tackle the challenge of tivoization, at least via a software license.

Nov 01, 2006
9:30 AM EDT
Jimf -

Yes, I think that is precisely the question.

Nov 01, 2006
10:34 AM EDT
Remember guys, this is just Part One. Part Two tomorrow. :-) I think I should have revised that statement, since the real issue, though I said so in one of the two parts, is DRM. Tivo is basically just the poster child. You guys might just be surprised by my comments tomorrow.

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