and what does Charlie Brown think of the whole deal?

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Nov 30, 2006
1:56 PM EDT
Sorry, I couldn't resist. Ahem. Anyway, it's an interesting commentary that paints the Novell brass as well-intentioned, but dumber than rocks.

Nov 30, 2006
2:10 PM EDT
I wonder if lucy will pull the football out from charlie brown again? I wonder if MSFT will attack a company they partner with?


Nov 30, 2006
3:25 PM EDT
Well, is it that hard to believe corporations can make dumb deals? :D

Or it could just be that Novell has two faces. We've heard of it before (actually I'm reminded of Sun around a year from now). It's like having two arms with one doing what other doesn't know about, until the whole body is thrown into who knows what kind of mess.

EDIT: Heck, maybe that guy who keeps posting those comments about Ximian people taking over Novell and heading towards world domination with MS is right. Yeah it's all Miguel De Icaza's fault! :P

Nov 30, 2006
3:42 PM EDT
Interesting read. At least in "Blackadder" the cunning plans were followed by hilarity. We'll see.

Nov 30, 2006
4:07 PM EDT
"First, Novell cannot possibly invest dozens, if not hundreds of millions in Free Software projects and turn away from it at the first whim and phone call from Microsoft. That is just unrealistic."

Remember a company called Caldera?

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