where is the nav for older lxer stories?

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Dec 20, 2006
9:20 AM EDT
Hey lxer persons, what happened to the (1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 ) Next » thingy for browsing past LXer stories? It has disappeared.


Dec 20, 2006
10:03 AM EDT

Click on Archives in the Site menu. It should show you all th stories with the page selection option. The site apparently now defaults to Latest Newswire, which only shows one page of stories.

Dec 20, 2006
10:30 AM EDT
Thank you, that's it all right!

Dec 20, 2006
3:04 PM EDT
Could they be added back to the front page?

Dec 20, 2006
4:01 PM EDT
Once you click the Archives link, you should get the page flipper. I'll raise the question with Bob though.

Dec 27, 2006
4:33 AM EDT
As an irrelevant note: I also sought several times (days!) for olds stories just like TC, before I finally find out I had click the Archive link.

Apr 02, 2007
5:14 AM EDT
I just hope can have "add to my favorites" button, or private Archive links

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