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Jan 14, 2007
1:08 PM EDT
I noticed the "Groups Migrating to Linux" pages are getting unruly ;-). I mean there are 16 pages of them... I tried the search box in the top right hand corner and I found it hard to zero in on anything in particular about migration. If I search with Google, "Groups migrating to linux" +go , plus what I am searching for like Spain or Canada, works pretty well. It appears a database is being used for "Groups Migrating to Linux". Can we have a form for searching it alone? I am all in favour of migrating and it might help things along if a group thinking of migrating could find similar groups who made the move. Thanks.

Jan 14, 2007
3:42 PM EDT
Well, it was probably one of the reason's I stopped updating it.

Please note, you can click on the column headings.

For example, sorts by country.

Here's the history of the database, after reading this you will probably understand why it's unruly at the moment:

LXer reader SFN had discussions with people who didn't take Linux seriously. That's why he wanted to create a database of 'groups' (be it foundations, companies or government bodies) using Linux; to point to the critics to a page where they can find who uses Linux. After that, some people added more and more stuff. During that time, I had nothing to do because I was ill in a chronic way, so I actively searched the Internet for groups and added them to the DB. However, the number of groups migrating grew so big, it became very difficult to -Add every group, and especially, -Check if the groups weren't added twice, i.e. were unique. When we had 300+ groups, I thought it was enough; our goal was reached. If anyone didn't take Linux seriously, we still can point them to this list, and they'll see 300+ global examples, though some are rather outdated.

However, when Dave Whitinger started the database, he probably didn't know there were going to be 300+ entries; we started with 10 or so.

Everything 'db' at LXer works with 20 AFAIK: When you look at the stories at the frontpage, you get (about) 20, and every time you go one page back in the history during the archive, you get about 20 pages back. Our product database (Linux pre-installed) also works per 20. I don't know why, the most simple reason is because Dave decided so. He didn't design the database to be 'searchable' at that moment.

Nonetheless, I certainly agree with you. Sometimes in discussions, I think: "Hey, I added that group migrating to Linux once. I could use the link to make a point". Then, it's difficult to find where I am looking for. Maybe send Bob a personal message, and ask if he has got some time to improve it.

You could try if the form still works (I don't know, I've to confess:)

Or mail to editors [[name of the site without www]], and place 'for the attention of Bob' in the subject line. Point him to this discussion, then he will understand.

Jan 15, 2007
4:14 AM EDT
I sent a message to Bob. Thanks

I think the migrations data as well as the suppliers of Linux/No-OS equipment are really valuable, and I expect these topics to grow exponentially. Eventually, they might be an overload of resources at LXer, so they may need to be spun off to a separate server. About the only thing holding most back from converting to GNU/Linux is the belief that there is a risk of being alone. Such databases with links could be key to dispelling that idea. When I proposed using GNU/Linux in my new school, I used some LXer info to help persuade. Installing LInux on the principal's PC helped, too. For me, the numbers representing cost savings, software available and reliability are key, but with Linux, the numbers are so good some people are skeptical and need reassurance.

Jan 15, 2007
5:59 AM EDT
Thanks for the suggestion, pogson. I went ahead and added a search function to the Migrations DB. You will now find it at the top of each database page. Enjoy!

Jan 15, 2007
12:11 PM EDT
Glad to hear somebody could use it.

Feel free to add new entries, since any LXer member has the rights to add to the migration database.

Jan 15, 2007
2:19 PM EDT
Wow! That was quick!

The new search seems to pick up keywords in the title and more info fields, but doesn't see things in the body of the article. I guess that makes sense for linked articles but the short write-ups do not seem indexed. For example, school and bank get lots of hits for migrations with bank and school in the title, but Canada does not find all items with country as canada, for example, Chemawawin School, which is in Canada. Is there a search syntax we need to know about?

Still, it is much more responsive than the whole site search was.


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