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Apr 17, 2007
1:23 PM EST
It would be nice if 'Penguin Pete' allowed posting on his blog. Or, at least, provided SOME way to contact him in a friendly manner. I personally know many of the people involved in this effort. I'd suggest that pete (or even anyone interested in donating) do some fact checking. It would be easy to confirm that this is legitimate with the racing team, unaffiliated sites or a number of other legitimate sources.

For Pete, if you are the huge supporter of OSS that you claim to be, I look forward to the retraction and nice apology that a minor amount of due diligence will result in. Better yet, given that you are a graphic artist, you can do something useful and contribute a logo!

For the rest that may be swayed by this sort of drivel or just not sure if they should contribute. Feel free to verify, find out that this is a REAL community effort, and then donate!


Apr 17, 2007
2:01 PM EST
Am likely to be badly mistaken here, but am wondering HOW the instigator of the post will even be able to

* allow posting on his blog * provide some way to contact him in a friendly manner * provide a retraction or apology * do something considered useful by all, such as contributing a logo

Among the last of the two dozen responses in the thread prior to this over the last four hours (by grymtooth) raised some good points! Good, constructive ways to see this as a positive opportunity rather than simply a negative problem...... Thanks grymtooth ! :)

As was the case earlier before, the prior "I had no idea" thread looks to be another example of an instigator -- this time the actual one posting his own blog -- readily eliciting heated responses on LXer, all coming quickly to defend the tux500 movers and shakers. Two dozen responses in 4hrs! One alternate more-positive thought to the ones above, is itself based upon grymtooth's. Please realize that anyone visiting the instigator of the post's site will quickly view the three mover-and-shaker sites well-before the questionable links below the graph. As such, this affords some positive opportunity, as minimal as it may be, to get some positive facts on the campaign earlier rather than later, This before potentially damaging so-called "spin" on either side holds the viewer fast in its negative clutches.

Just another thought...... maybe now 4cents? :-)

ps, oops, just saw another separate neg-thread :( maybe too late?

Apr 17, 2007
7:24 PM EST
I think he re-enabled comments...I haven't tried because I'm pretty sure I'm IP blocked.

Apr 17, 2007
10:45 PM EST
Well if he has, no one's posting.

Apr 18, 2007
5:07 AM EST
I think most people have gotten bored with him.

Apr 18, 2007
12:32 PM EST
No, the comments simply disappeared again. I saw te comments appear, then vanish again.

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