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May 15, 2007
10:30 PM EDT
These guys are in trouble. Over four years ago they split 2:1. Since then their stock has been stuck between 28 and 30. That's for more than 4 years. They've started buying stock back. That spoiled rich kid from Redmond is selling his stock. The Looney Zune is a bust. Vista is a bust. Google is eating their lunch in the search realm. OpenOffice and ODF are gaining more and more traction. State governments are seeing the sense to including open source as part of their IT budget process. Countries and governments around the world are fed up with obscene licensing costs and switching. I believe the x-box is being sold at a loss. Hello, Wall Street! Are you getting any of this?

When companies pull stunts like this, the vultures smell decaying flesh and start circling. Right now, it smells more like desperation, but that might be Monkey boy's poor hygiene habits and I just happen to be down wind.

Billy's Bungle has used FUD as a marketing tool to such a great extent that it has become laughable. When I heard about this, I figured it was another one of their 'freeze the market' moves. People are moving to Linux and Open Source. This is abundantly clear. This announcement is meant to create paranoia and uncertainty about choosing to use Linux. They need some time to get Vista to work (like that's possible), but want to slow the ever-increasing desertion from the ranks. By doing this, companies that are seriously considering the move to open source and Linux might reconsider and hold off. Or they could get really lucky and have some more Linux folks cough up some cash to pay a tribute to the struggling Borg.

Sorry Bill. It's over. You better have the maintenance guys get all the chairs out of Ballmies' office.

This calls for a poem to celebrate this auspicious event.

There once was a rich kid from Redmond. Who ripped off some software and then some. But eventually folks, Saw his products as jokes, And ignored his lame patent Armageddon.

One last thought. We actually do owe the Bill and Steve show a 'thank you.' Just think about all the free press we're getting out of this.

...and I'm sorry about the poem.

May 16, 2007
9:21 AM EDT
Quoting:Since then their stock has been stuck

The same is true for ABN-Amro (NL's largest banks, one of the largest in Europe). Probably, you know what will happen to ABN: It will (probably) be split up if a consortium of Santander, RBS and Fortis buys it. The Bank of America is angry because it wanted to buy DeSalle which ABN Amro sold to the Bank of America, but the judge in the Netherlands forbid that deal. Especially, companies are willing to buy and split up ABN Amro, because the 'loose parts' are worth more than the "assembly" (especially after getting rid of the parts which are suffering losses) according to some hedge funds like TCI. TCI only owns about 1,5% of ABN, which was enough to start this whole buzz. (Read about the buzz here: )

I wonder if there are hedge funds owning Microsoft shares, willing to split up Microsoft. Looking at the ABN-Amro example, hedge funds could manage to do what the US judge couldn't.

Quoting:Hello, Wall Street! Are you getting any of this?
The first Wall Street guy which has knowledge about computer technology still has to be born probably.

Quoting:They need some time to get Vista to work (like that's possible)

Vienna was already announced, so when Vista works, Vienna might be ready. I guess this is an acknowledgment of Microsoft that Vista sucks.

Quoting:Sorry Bill. It's over.
What is interesting is, the Bill Gates Foundation has stocks in medicines. If Microsoft goes to patent war, and the patent system will be reviewed, medicine patents will decline in value which is bad for Bill Gates.

I really hope patent armageddon arrives soon, which will rid the world of patent trolls (in which Microsoft is degenerating as I write). I wonder if it will be covered live on TV like the second Gulf War, but it wil be spectacular I hope.

BTW Is it forbidden to send mails to Wall Street analysts including your first paragraph? If not, we should collect all current MS failures (and 'ODF laws') and provide links, and then send those to some Wall Street analysts. Which reminds me I still have to send a mail to NEN (Dutch Standard Institute) asking them about OpenXML/ISOisation and their voting.

May 16, 2007
10:20 AM EDT
take a look at the Nasdaq index for the last 5 years. [url=*^IXIC&t=5y&l=on&z=m&q=l&c=]*http://financ...[/url]

It has steadily increased, while MSFT, a stock on the Nadaq, has not. That would mean that Microsoft is really losing value, compared to the average on the index.

Was the Dutch Judge really blocking the sale of LaSalle bank by ABN Amro, or just requiring that ABN would have to get stock holder approval?,1,43021...

I thought that ABN had wanted to do the sale quick, and was trying to avoid the lengthy, and possibly revealing, stockholder approval process. I had many friends here in Chicago laid off of work when ABN outsourced the entire IT department from LaSalle.

The judge is making them follow the corporate rules for the Netherlands, not the U.S. rules.

May 16, 2007
2:41 PM EDT
"The Bank of America is angry"

Funny that you mention bank of america.

I had an MBNA linuxfund mastercard that I used on occasion and now bank of america had bought them and sent me a lettter that they are not doing business with linuxfund anymore.

I said fine close my account.

never did like bank of america and especially don't like them now.


May 16, 2007
3:56 PM EDT
Inflation. Any stock that is not keeping up with inflation (see: price of gold) _is_ losing value, by definition.

We in the computer field tend to forget about inflation, because our hardware (being relatively free of government regulation) is still "cheaper faster better" every year, even including inflation.

A little economics goes a loooooong way.

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