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Story: Why Is Dell Hiding Their Ubuntu Boxes?Total Replies: 7
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May 25, 2007
9:39 AM EDT
Didya notice their banner refers to Ubuntu as a Linux-based operating system?

That would seem to fit right into the RMS mantra -- Linux is just the kernel!

OK, there's the little matter of no mention for GNU, but maybe Dell is readying DIG/Linux, ie, Dell Isn't GNU.

May 25, 2007
9:44 AM EDT
dino, in all the many threads on this I lost track- do you favor Linux, GNU/Linux, or not care?

Heh, I could go for DIG/Linux. :)

May 25, 2007
9:46 AM EDT
I don't really care, but I use Linux because it's easier to say and most people recognize it.

Besides, in my view, if I'm going to credit them both, it would be Linux with GNU tools, not GNU/Linux.

May 25, 2007
10:16 AM EDT
Warning! Silly comment alert! Warning! Or, to give full credit for what constitutes a Linux distribution, you might actually want to call it GNU/Apache/Sendmail/KDE/ISC/Venema/Trolltech/Mozilla/ . Yeah, dino is right. Calling it Linux is a lot easier and less confusing for most people.

May 25, 2007
6:50 PM EDT
The formal name vs. the common name.

Some cats are named Her Most Holy Highness Princess of Persia and All Her Surroundings Including The Domain Of The Domicile Roof and Her Cat Dish and Defender of the Faith.

But we call her "Princess" for short.

May 26, 2007
3:10 AM EDT
Dino: DIG/Linux, huh? Be aware of asking people to DIG-storm Linux. It's against the ToS.

Oh, wait, I'm confused. DIGG Eeuhh Ain't DIG (DEAD).

May 26, 2007
3:54 AM EDT
Hans -

Gently pry your fingers from the keyboard. Take a deep breath. Drink a beer.

Go to sleep and don't set the alarm.

Dream of happy things.

All will be better in the morning.

May 26, 2007
3:57 PM EDT
I usually call it whatever the distro maintainers call it. Whatever they call it is the official name.

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